Celebrating World Tourism Day with Relaunch of Travel Law Blog

Today is World Tourism Day, celebrating the 1.2 billion travelers each year and the industry that contributes to the three key dimensions of sustainable development—economic, social, and environmental. The United Nations World Tourism Organization designated 2017 the year of “Sustainable Tourism: a Tool for Development.” Depending on the measurement (international, domestic, global, export, import, services, etc.), tourism is the third, fourth, or fifth largest industry in the world and it is experiencing extraordinary growth.

In 2010, I chose to offer my legal skills to this industry because it combines my passion for connecting with people and places with work that brings learning, happiness, economic opportunity, and development to billions of people around the world. My journey began by becoming a member of the Adventure Travel Trade Association. Since then I have worked with tour companies conducting business in or from the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Ecuador, Tanzania, China, and more. Among many opportunities to serve this industry, I have facilitated open conversations among travel industry leaders on diverse business challenges at the Adventure Travel World Summit in Swakopmund, Namibia, and I have presented as part of a panel on Exit Strategies for a Successful Legacy at Adventure Elevate in Couer d’Alene, Idaho.

In celebration of this day, it is with great pleasure that I relaunch my blog that stands at the intersection of the travel industry and law. The blog, renamed Travel Law Guide, provides information to the tourism industry about laws and regulations that govern and protect tourism focused companies around the world.

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